Apollo and USAutomatic Solar Power Operaters

Apollo and USAutomatic Solar Power Operaters - Grider Gates

Nice Apollo Solar Power

Solar power allows installations of automatic gate systems far away from any electrical network. Wireless technology, continuous functioning and energy savings point out new possible applications even where they were considered impossible. An ecological and extremely intelligent system which allows the final user to make a notable economic saving.

US Automatic
If you own a home and purchase a solar powered/charged USAutomatic Gate Operator manufactured by USAutomatic, LTD. after December 31, 2008, you may receive a 30% tax credit. This tax credit is available for the installed cost of your solar gate operator on your Federal tax return.

Solar Charged Gate Operator Information
The system design and the accessories recommended are all Solar Friendly meaning that they require the least amount of energy possible to perform the job they were designed to do. The solar option allows you to install the gate operator in remote areas or in applications where you prefer to be solar charged. Solar charging does provide isolation from lightning that might damage the unit via the AC power needed for the transformer.

Understanding Solar Charged System
USAutomatic solar charged gate operators are designed to provide enough cycles a day for most installations without needing more than one solar panel. Care must be taken to ensure the solar panel has full sun throughout the day; partial sun will give partial results. If no sun is present then a solar system is not practical no matter how many panels might be installed. Solar Panel must be kept clean and in full sunlight.
The design of the system must pay particular attention to any accessories that might be added, use only Solar Friendly accessories to help avoid premature battery failure. For a complete list of accessories please visit Accessories page.

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