Automatic Swing Gate Service/repair

Automatic Swing Gate Service/repair - Grider Gates

For those out there that have a Automatic Swing Gate Operator System there a few things to keep in mind.  First the hinges are the most important part to keep serviced.  Keeping them well greased is very important.  You will need a grease gun to push grease into the hinge.  Doing this will allow your gate to swing smooth and easy.  Second is making sure your swing gate is not dragging the ground.  Some gates have adjustable hinge j-bolts, if not the gate might need to be raised.  Third is the limits.  If the gate is opening to far or closing to far then the limits need to be adjusted.  Doing this will prevent the gate bouncing back or stopping from a obstruction sensor.  I hope these few tips can help you with your swing gate and extend the life of you automatic gate system.

Posted on by Ben Grider