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More Gate Installing Tips

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Once you determine the measurements you need and mark where posts should be, contact your local authorities to make sure there are no underground lines in the spots you’ll be digging. Once you’re assured that it’s safe to dig, use the post hole digger to dig both spots to the required depth. You can dig 6 inches deeper than required and fill those extra inches with concrete to prevent posts from settling and causing problems with the gate later.

Place one post in the hole and use a plumb-bob or level to make sure it’s perfectly straight both vertically and horizontally. Then place the other post in its hole and use a laser or string level to make sure it’s the same height. Also, make sure it’s completely level. Double-check that the posts are the proper distance apart. The proper placement and leveling of the posts is the most important part of driveway gates installation, so spend a lot of time on this step. Allow the concrete you use to mount the posts 2 days to dry before installing the gates.

Follow the instructions carefully, because each gate will have its own special instructions. As long as your posts were mounted correctly, you should have no problem mounting your driveway gates successfully.