Safety Instructions for Electric Gates

Safety Instructions for Electric Gates - Grider Gates

  • Never let children operate or play with gate controls or any other activation device.
    Keep remote control away from children.
  • Do not allow children to play in the area of the gate.
  • Do not allow anyone to ride on the gate.
  • Always keep people and objects away from the gate.
  • Test gate operator monthly. The gate must stop and reverse directions upon contacting
    a rigid object or when the secondary entrapment device is activated.
  • After all adjustments have been made to the sensitivity (current sense) circuit, secondary
    entrapment devices and all other external devices installed the safety devices must be
    checked again. Failure to adjust and retest the gate operator can increase the risk
    of injury.
  • Verify that the emergency release (manual release) pin can be easily removed.
  • KEEP GATES PROPERLY MAINTAINED. Tighten all bolts and grease hinges and pivot points.
  • THE ENTRANCE IS TO BE USED BY VEHICLES ONLY. Pedestrians must use a separate entrance.
    All safety features required by UL 325 are incorporated in the capabilities of all USAutomatic
    Control boards and should be utilized, including but not limited to, safety edges, photo electric
    eyes, reverse sensing.
  • Do not attempt to enter the gate area while the gate is moving. Wait until the gate comes
    to a complete stop.
  • Operate the gate only when it is fully visible, free of persons or obstructions, and properly adjusted.
  • Do not attempt to “beat the gate” while the gate is opening or closing. This is extremely dangerous.
  • Test the current sense feature and all safety devices regularly to insure correct operation.
  • Study this entire Safety Section paying particularly close attention to the entrapment zones and
    be aware of these areas not only during use but also during any adjustments to the unit.
  • All control stations should be located at least 6 feet from any moving part of the gate or operator.
  • Do not ever install any control device where a user will be tempted to reach through the gate
    or fence to activate a gate.
  • Do not attempt to completely seal the control box. Battery needs some air flow.
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