Grider Gates


Linear Telephone Entry System

Visitors can call the residence to acquire entrance through keypad and phone.

Solar Panels

Let us help you choose the proper size solar panel to power your system.

Safety Photo Eye

The infrared photo cell will detect presence or motion of vehicles as well as people.

Exit Probe

Probe sensors are placed in the ground to automatically open gates upon exiting the residence

Linear Multi Code

Linear’s transmittors can be programmed with multiple codes for family, grounds keepers, or utility workers.

Linear Keypad

Linear’s 12 buttom keypad is waterproof and allows for many different code entries.

Wireless Keypad

Linear’s keypad also comes as wireless powered by a 9 volt battery.

Loop Detector

A loop detector can be easily plugged into a circuit board and used for exit loop, center loop, or safety loop

Control Board

On rare occasions control boards are replaced after lightning strikes or extreme power surges.

12 Volt Battery

Deep cycle 12 volt batteries are most often used to store power from solar panels.