Grider Gates

Swing Gate Operators

Apollo 1500, 1550
Dual swing gates for gates up to 600 lbs. weight and 16ft. length for solar or AC power.

Apollo 1600, 1650
Dual swing gates for gates up to 600lbs. weight and 16ft. length in solar or AC power.

Elite Opener
For single swing gates in high traffic areas rated for 18ft. length and 600lbs

All-O-Matic SW350
Single swing operator for gates up to 20ft. length and 1800lbs. and a 5/7 year warranty

Lift Master LA400
Single swing residential operator with a powerful 24VDC motor for gates of 16ft. and 550lbs

Lift Master LA412
Single swing residential operator that is solar powered and carries 16ft. and 550lbs

All-O-Matic SW350
Swing gate operator used for residential or commercial use provides a 5/7 yr. warranty supporting gates up to 18ft. length and 800lbs.

US Automated Patriot
The Patriot is for AC or Solar power with a 5/3 warranty. This swing gate operator can handle gates up to 16ft. length and 650lbs. weight.