Slide Gate Not Working

Slide Gate Not Working - Grider Gates

Having a slide gate can be very nice for your property.  But when it doesn’t work and your stuck inside or outside the gate it can be very stressful.  Here a few things to check on you automatic gate operator.  First make sure the operator is getting the power it needs to work.  Second is check for blown fuses or tripped reset buttons.  Third is obstructions on the wheels or on the track.  This can relay sensors on the board and make the gate shut down.  Next look for dark or burn marks on the control board.  This could indicate a bad board from a power surge.  Most newer operators have led indicators on the board they can give you an idea of what’s going on with the system.  If the gate is still not working call your friendly service tech. at Grider Gates

Posted on by Ben Grider