Why Biyearly Gate Service is necessary

Why Biyearly Gate Service is necessary - Grider Gates

So why should a Automatic Gate System be serviced twice a year? Must home and business that have automatic gates love the security and privacy that a gate system offers. But most are not aware of the maintenance that is needed to have a well running system. The most common causes of system failure are non lubrication of moving parts, weather, and animals that lead to major part failure.


Moving parts such as chains, gears, wheels, and rollers need to be lubricated or greased because they create friction. Lack of lubrication can cause rust or bearing failure. Making sure a chain is tight can prevent a gate system from shutting down. A chain will stretch and control boards have sensors built in to them. Too much slack in a chain can set off sensors making the gate system think its hitting an obstruction. The change in weather has a great affect on Automatic Gate Systems. Heat or moisture can damage electronic parts. Slide gate operators have a drift moment. When the gate system hits its stopping point a gate can sometimes drift a couple inches. Most owners notice this when a gate starts hitting against a post when reaching its close limit. The change in temperature can cause this as well as chain stretching over time, an adjustment in the limits is needed. Animals love to make their home out of the operators especially when systems are mounted directly on the ground and not on a stand. I have seen ants to mice destroy control boards. Adding moth balls in or around your gate system can keep out unwanted critters.


When customers ask me why these failures happen I often answer “when you have electronics out in mother nature, mother nature will win every time”.
So servicing an Automatic Gate System twice a year can actually save you frustration and money in the long run.

Posted on by Ben Grider