Grider Gates

Automatic Gate Maintenance

Gate Maintenance Contracts are available for your approval. Keep your system running smoothly and extend its life. Proper gate maintenance can help eliminate problems from weather and constant use.


New wood fences can be stained and old fences can be rejuvenated periodically by staining.


We carry all major brandsOur 10 Point Maintenance Agreement includes:


1. check wire connection

2. wheels

3. hinges

4. operator operation

5. solar panels or battery charger

6. water damage on electronics

7. control board settings

8. roller guides

9. gates ability to swing or roll smoothly

10. broken welds.


Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance Agreement

Also included in the agreement is the Gate Tune Up:


1. grease/oil moving parts-chain, hinges, gears, wheels, rollers

2. tighten chain, nuts and bolts

3.adjust open/close limits

4. test proper voltage on batteries or power supply

5. test radio receiver/remotes/keypads

6. clean out (grass, spider webs, dirt, rodent evidence)around operator

7. touch up painting.


If you need additional or replacement remote transmitters or coaching to add or reprogram codes, just give us a call at 1-214-878-7341.